photo “I dog-speak.”

DEV, Small Dog Care Specialist

“I can’t believe that i actually get paid to do this!” says Dev, who has 5 dog-children. (Yup, that should tell you something, huh?) It’s fascinating to watch their special bond as they speak telepathically. She will defend dogs on their behalf & let  the owners know what they need! Call it an obsession or crazy dog lady! Dev’s mission is to give dogs the love they need and deserve when the owners aren’t around.

After a serious back injury, Dev was forced to retire as a personal trainer & aerobics instructor.  Walking was the only exercise that improved her back. She combined her passion for dogs and created a dog biz! Dev knows the importance of exercise for both physical strength and mental stimulation for a well-rounded happy pet. It’s not just a walk with a dog- it’s everything. She’ll talk with your dog, watch them every second, and give lots of positive reinforcement.

JAY, Big Dog Specialist

JAY, a marathon and triathlete will take your dogs (all sizes) for a run or sprint on the 606 or trail.


Jay- The Dog Runner

Big dogs naturally gravitate towards Jay but he’s a gentle giant with the small pups. In his free time, Jay has completed marathons and triathlons. If you’re dog is high-energy, try a dog run!

WHY DO WE DO THIS FOR A LIVING?    It’s simple – WE LOVE ANIMALS! (maybe too much)

We love the outdoors as much as the dogs. And no offense owners, but we prefer spending the day with the furry friends not the humans! There’s nothing like the unconditional love you give and get from dogs. We’re always happy to see them and they are super happy to see us! IHAVE5DOGS is all about having fun, being positive, and giving your loved ones a better quality of life. We will treat them like family and soon fall in love with them too! They will be safe and feel secure in our arms.

We look forward to everlasting friendships!

We are open 365 days a year come rain or come shine!


Member of Pet Sitter International (PSI)

Insured by Pet’s Sitters Association, LLC.

Certified in Pet CPR and First Aid

558003_10201007707058558_719731263_nOwner, Dev with her BFF, Shea.  We love to play so book a play-date TODAY!!!