Dog Walks/Runs/ Field Trips

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You work so hard and often long hours but let’s face it your dog is bored sitting at home waiting for you to get home. Sometimes this can develop behavior problems from loneliness, & cause separation anxiety especially when there is not enough exercise & attention.

How about a nice stroll through the neighborhood? Ending with a feet cleaning, fresh water & treat?

Prefer dog running? One of our team members is a marathon runner available for weekend and night runs.

Or let them socialize on a group Doggie Field Trips! Beach or park, your dogs are free to roam & play off-leash in a gated and secure doggie area. We play ball and et them moving! Pick up poop. Paw cleaning and fresh water if requested when they get home! Car seats for dogs w/secure latch for safety. And high enough to look out the window! Ruff Ruff!!!!

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