How to Keep Your Dog Happy & Healthy

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Dogs are social animals, and every dog owner strives to ensure that their dog is happy and healthy. However, many are the times that we are stuck believing that we are doing the best we can. There are always new ways to spice up your dog’s life. The following are tips on how to keep your dog a happy and healthy pet.

Going for walks

This is a good form of exercise for the dog due to their playful nature. Dogs need to explore new ventures, and this does not involve being stuck in the house all day. Furthermore, this activity will establish a good relationship with your dog. Daily walks also happen to be an important part of your dog’s physical and mental health. Standard prices to hire a dog walker range from $ 15.30 to $ 30 for a 30-minute walk.

Feed your dog a nourishing and balanced diet

For your dog to be active, he has to eat good healthy food. Factors influencing what you feed your dog include his age, energy level, and potential allergies. Dog approved foods include raw salted peanut butter, baby carrots, pumpkin, green beans, sliced apples, and oatmeal.

Give them a bath

A dog doesn’t need to be bathed every week, but regular baths will keep those fleas off. A good bath helps your dog feel fresh and clean. That enables them to be active and playful. Especially make sure you give them a bath after your dogs daily walk.


Schedule regular veterinary appointments

Occasional checkups for your dog will ensure they never fall sick. The vet provides an overall health screening as well as any vaccinations that your dog might need. Checkups for puppies are ideal after six months while for older dogs are after a year.

Other ways may include training your dog, giving them new threats, giving them regular massages and giving them verbal and physical praise. The above are some of the tips that will ensure that your dog is happier and healthier. However, a good social relationship with your dog remains to be the key factor in keeping your dog happy and healthy.

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